W ork-
G roup on Em-
B etterment
O f the situati-
O n of survivors of inhu-
M ane human rights crim-
E s and ensafement

It is time to clear up!!!



  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Social Behaviour
  4. Education
  5. Work
The Construct




Complex 2: Education

The governmentally enforced and preferred education system has many characteristics of a sadistic community service for a part of the affected population, because the process of learning does not need competition or the presence of other people but only clear and sane thinking.

The one who stays in state-driven schools after the end of his "community service" is obviously so much damaged in his thinking, that he is not even able to resist the fraudulent official announcements about the profit to be expected of "good" education.

For decades the affected citizens are not informed about the possibility of refusing further cooperation with this parasitic system; but the citizens are shown movies in public television broadcast about an unemployed man in a grey suit, who is brooming a pedestrian way.