W ork-
G roup on Em-
B etterment
O f the situati-
O n of survivors of inhu-
M ane human rights crim-
E s and ensafement

It is time to clear up!!!



  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Social Behaviour
  4. Education
  5. Work
The Construct




Complex 3: Work

At work we find the same structures we found in education and society, so that employment does not only serve production but even more the previously mentioned intentions (applying psychotechniques against helpless victims of human rights crimes). It is astonishing, that it took decades until a word was found for that problem: Mobbing.

For maximum plausibility we would like to mention, that it is obvious, that most work can be done from home, while being in bed (if necessary with the help of technical remote controlled handling equipment), which would exclude the impact of questionable intentions of colleagues without any drawbacks in productivity. It is again astonishing, that there is just few effort in this part of science (CIM).