W ork-
G roup on Em-
B etterment
O f the situati-
O n of survivors of inhu-
M ane human rights crim-
E s and ensafement

It is time to clear up!!!



  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Social Behaviour
  4. Education
  5. Work
The Construct




Complex 4: Legislative

The legislation contains many contradictions and loopholes, so that there are a lot of books, created not by the elected government, that analyze those flaws. These books are even used by state attorneys. But that does not prevent different judgements on the same case (where just the name of the plaintiff changed).

The real meaning of the law disappears more and more, so that we know more about unemployment insurance than about daily deaths and suffering caused by the health care system.

Even people, who feel unable to work, and who suffer at work, and who make strange "mistakes" at work, are encouraged and forced to work by multiple sublime psychotechniques until they are completely insane.