W ork-
G roup on Em-
B etterment
O f the situati-
O n of survivors of inhu-
M ane human rights crim-
E s and ensafement

It is time to clear up!!!



  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Social Behaviour
  4. Education
  5. Work
The Construct




Complex 5: Executive

The law system knows two important, independant authorities: The police, which tries to care for law enforcement, and the state attorneys, which try to accuse offenders. That is what we will talk about here somewhen.

Especially the governmental relation to Scientology, Mrs. Caberta and Mr. Heinemann is analyzed. For further details see german version.

  1. Daschner ./. Gäfgen:
    While the Federal Medicians Chamber (Bundesärztekammer) of F.Rep.GERM confesses in 2003, that there is at least one case of electro shock (up to 480 V AC, 900mA with current path within at least one of frontal lobes) treatment per day (statistical average) in most western democracies in the world, and while a bank robber, who keeps hostages, has to take into account, that he is killed by the police before his trial, somebody who hides a child in the woods, where it most likely dies within the next 24 hours according to his own confession, must not even be threatened with torture (neither by pictures, nor by words, nor by actions, nor by noise, ...).
  2. Church of Scientology -SCOY- ./. F.Rep.GERM/Caberta/Heinemann:
    We see here, that the Church of Scientology is accused of being mean against helpless citizens by F.Rep.GERM, although "being mean against helpless citizens" is nothing special in F.Rep.GERM, so that the real reason for the accusations is obviously the statements of Scientology regarding torture and murder stealthed as human medical treatment. Since SCOY claims, that even severely mentally ill people shall be held responsible for the consequences of their acts (Freedom Mag. Vol. 27i6), the governmental attempt to stress differences between the government and SCOY might lead to a counterproductive containment of citizens, who do not like the governmental approach to controlling the threats to the individual. Also the intent to make up for the damage that someone caused is futile, since it is impossible to do more work than one could do before having caused the damage (every person has a limited ability to do something useful); concordantly every damage/mistake will ingrindably delay the development of humanity, so that prevention is the only possibility to improve performance (e. g.: airbags, roofs, steel toes, gloves, hard hats, bullet-proof vests).
  3. Since decades the western, democratic dentist fights caries with poisonous fluor compounds with mediocre outcome, although in the 1970ies Finnish researchers found, that Xylitol powder in five 1g doses per day can weaken caries inducing bacteria, when used as mouth wash for 5 minutes per application (furthermore Xylitol allegedly helps the body to repair teeth, bones and other infections, which sounds funny regarding the tooth paste advertisements and the dentist´s talk, but there are just studies that verified those claims, beside a strange unsuccessful attempt to put microscopic amounts of Xylitol into normal tooth paste).

While the government wants to tell us, that prisoners are no longer physically abused due to deeper understanding of the human nature, the reality shows us, that the government maintains repeatedly and knowingly and continuously detention facilities, where human beings are badly physically abused (there are even cases of involuntary deaths during state-induced incarceration, although death penalty is officially discontinued). The real extent of this contradiction is covered by even more governmental lies about human rights watch and anti-torture-movements and special investigation attempts.

We see repeatedly and most obviously, that the law scientists themselves are a dangerous threat to justice, and that we, the citizens, have to ask ourselves full of a swell of pity and sorough, how many innocent human beings have been ruined by them against their own rules, that they enforce randomly according to their own most arbitrary and silly disposal.